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Zoobooks.com Website Review & Ratings + Zoobooks Coupons

Zoobooks is a magazine that educates, fascinates and makes learning about animals fun. Zoobooks is formulated for children from six to twelve years of age.

Primary Features:

  • Children learn about a specific animal or groups of animals with amazing photographs and detailed illustrations.
  • Four pages of interactive pullout activities, games, puzzles and crafts make learning about animals fun as well as educational.
  • Zoobooks can be used as a educational tool for teachers and parents homeschooling their children.
  • Excellent gift from a family member that wants something that will stimulate a  child's mind, encourage reading and bring excitement to a young child's face.
Zoobooks: What makes it different?
  • Detailed illustrations and facts that cover everything a child could possibly learn about a specific animal or animal group.
  • Great magazine that can be utilized with the addition of Zoobooks hardcover and softcover sets as curriculum for public or private schools and homeschooling.
  • Improves reading skills.
  • Teaches children about the animal kingdom around them and what they can do to help make the world that animals live in a better and safer place.
Zoobooks vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Zoobooks)

Zoobooks competes with National Geographic Kids. Zoobooks is more costly for a one year subscription at $29.95 while National Geographic Kids costs only $15.00 a year if you order it online and the age range is from six to fourteen years which is two more years than Zoobooks six to twelve. National Geographic Kids win hands down in the photograph but the illustrations and in depth information in Zoobooks are well thought out and easily digestible for the age range of the children they are targeting. Zoobooks cover everything a child needs to know about a specific animal of group of animals. Each magazine of Zoobooks is like a miniature encyclopaedia's of each animal. 

Zoobooks: Product images & screenshots
Zoobooks Coupons
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Zoobooks: Detailed review

Key Benefits for Parents:

  • Highlights repetitive words to improve reading skills.
  • Compares how the animal functions and how their body works to things the child can easily associate with.
  • Amazing detailed anatomy of the animal that is informative but not overwhelming.
  • Human impact on the species leads to conversations about what we can do to happily cohabitate  with the animal kingdom in a harmonious way.
  • Illustrates and discusses the social skills of the animal or species.
  • Shows each animal or species in their environment and how they adapt to a changing world.
  • Illustrates and discusses the animal at work and play and how each species differ from one another.
  • Informs the child with pictures and descriptive words the natural enemies and ways that the animal can protect itself.
  • Discusses what the animal means to us, past, present and future.
  • Word searches to help reinforce the information.
  • Home made games that enforces that learning can be fun.
  • Experiments that delight an inquisitive mind.

Key Benefits for Educators:

Thematic Curriculum:

  • Aquatic Animals including seals and sea lions, dolphins and porpoises, sharks and whales
  • Exotic Animals comprising of elephants, giraffes, big cats and gorillas
  • Wilderness Set containing owls, wolves, bears and eagles
  • Reptiles including snakes, crocodiles, alligators, dinosaurs and turtles
  • Complete Exotic Animal Set that is full of information on gorillas, elephants, tigers, apes, big cats, camels, giraffes, koalas, little cats, orangutans, pandas, parrots and wild horses.
  • All About Birds Set including birds of prey, ducks, geese and swans, eagles, hummingbirds, owls and parrots.
  • Animals of North America comprising of birds of prey, the deer family, bears, ducks, geese and swans,eagles, humming birds, owls, skunks and their relatives, wolves and snakes.
  • Complete Aquatic Animals Set containing dolphins and porpoises, penguins, seabirds, sea otters, seals and sea lions, sharks, turtles and whales.
  • Polar Region Set including penguins, polar bears, seabirds and whales.
  • Australia Set that is packed with information about koalas, crocodiles, alligators, kangaroos and sharks.

The Old School House, The Magazine for Homeschool Families states "I have three sons that are very interested in science and art(more than any other subjects) and Zoobooks magazine lend themselves greatly in a combination study to incorporate both."

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